Model Aeroplane Supplier

Anything on model aeroplane – engines, kits, planes & flight training.

Professional Radio Control Systems, suppliers of receivers, digital servos and a wide range of additional accessories for model aeroplanes.

Digital Servos

DS118 8mm Digital Wing Servo

S8955SH 2K SYNC heli swash servo

S8912 SHV 12V Brushless



DA/JR Propo Kill switch

JO3449 TLS1-SPD Speed Sensor

E-Switch Adapter Set

Production and sales of 3D fixed-wing model aerobatic aircraft and foam model aircraft.

KST is one of the industry’s two leading suppliers of brusless servo chips and remains a leader in this technology field by providing new designs and OEM equipment for the entire servo industry. Most KST coreless servos use electric motors from Adamant Namiki japanese manufacturer, developed with KST.