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Alm Mecca Turbines

Precision mechanics, machining and turbines.

Machining of custom mechanical parts and design of the best turbines in France. Milling, turning, welding and finishing at the service of perfection.

A-120 turbine (12 kilos of thrust)

Diameter : 99 mm
Length : 270 mm
Consumption/min : NC ml/min 100,000 rpm
Thrust : 120 N = 12KG

Turbine weight with connecting cable +/-50cm : 1460grs turbines + control box
Temperature (Celsius): 540/750
RPM speeds : 33,000/ 133,000 in 3.5sec
ECU : XICOY Kérostart – V10 Ullermann pump program Material not yet available at sale, but possibility of pre-orders.

Guarantee: Our turbines are guaranteed for life, subject to continuous use of ALM Méca oil.

A-210 turbine (21 kilos of thrust)

Diameter : 109 mm
Length : 330 mm
Consumption/min : 390 ml/min 100,000 rpm
Thrust : 210 N = 21KG

Turbine weight with connecting cable +/-50cm : 1799grs turbines + Control box
Temperature (Celsius): 550/750
RPM speeds : 33,000/ 123,000 in 3.5sec
ECU : XICOY Kérostart – V10 Ullermann pump program

Guarantee: Our turbines are guaranteed for life, subject to continuous use of ALM Méca oil.

A-180 turbine (18 kilos of thrust)

  • Developed and manufactured at ALM-Méca, this A-180 with “detonating” performance will surprise you. A real 18 kg! with excellent responsiveness, low consumption, low residual thrust, these are the characteristics of our A-180!
  • Equipment guaranteed for Life (subject to compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • See technical elements on attached sheet
  • See attached user manual
  • See the attached assembly diagram
  • Set sold complete (without Lipo 2S battery min4000mAh)

  Design subject to change.

2S-7.4V-5200mAh 45C Lipo Battery

Dim. 46x25x139mm – weight 274grs – with Dean plug


Special glider mounting system for A-180

  • Our unique system allows adapted and aesthetic fixings for your gliders. Our fuselage cover connection system will allow you a quick and precise assembly, ensuring the rigidity of the assembly but also the possibility, if necessary, of orienting your turbine by a few degrees slightly to the left or the right so as not to direct the flow. ejector directly on your fin. Once again simple and effective! This option includes the appropriate cover as well as the intermediate plate ensuring the connection between the cover and your model.

On demand. Only when ordering an A-180 turbine.  

  • Do not hesitate to contact us for your special requests, our system is almost limitless!

Turbine mounting system (set of 2) – A180 & A210

  • This fastening system developed by ALM-Méca is unique in this field of application. The rigidity and repeatability of the system remain unmatched. Thanks to our fixing system, integration into all your models will be limitless! Our system will also allow you to easily modify the position of your turbine by 9mm by simply rotating the legs by 180°. Normally with our system, no need for shims, ideal for optimizing the turbine / nozzle placement.
  • Infinitely adaptable and extrapolable, do not hesitate to submit any requests or special needs to us so that we can provide you with a solution worthy of the name! Simple and efficient !
  • Sold in pairs

Complete ECU box for A-180 and A-210

  • This complete additional box developed by ALM-Méca in 3D printing will be available as standard in black or “speckled” grey.
  • As an option, it will be possible to obtain it in the color of your choice, it will suffice to communicate to us the desired RAL.
  • With dimensions of 80x80x46.5 excluding fixings, our box remains easily integrated into all types of models.
  • This box composed of the pump, the ECU, the solenoid valves, will allow you to change planes quickly with our “Plug & Play” system, you can’t go wrong!
  • Simple and efficient!
  • Weight of the set only 245grs. The set will be delivered pre-programmed / ready to fly! Connections to the turbine, to the radio, to the gsu, and a 2S-7.4V Lipo battery (4000mAh min.) are included. Festo d3 and d4mm Lg600mm tubes already connected to the box.
  • News: Further development to accommodate our own electronics (available Q1-Q2/2023), our new case will also be offered in 3D printing and this time in aluminum as an option. This new box will be slightly more compact dim.76x67x40mm but remains of the same concept, integrating all the electronics.


Special turbine oil can 1L

  • Oil selected and recommended by ALM-Méca for the best operation of its turbines, thus ensuring a maintenance interval of 50 hours.
  • 1L container ideal for making your mixtures directly. (1L/20L)
  • Price per 10x 1L = 15€TTC

Support 2.4GHz Antenna (3D printing)

  • Developed by ALM-Méca, these antenna supports made in 3D printing and post-treated exist in different colors. These supports are recommended to ensure and guarantee the correct positioning of your antennas at 90° to your 2.4GHz receivers. Installation is simple and effective, insert the antennas in the 2mm diameter loops provided for this purpose, stick the receiver on the tab using a double-sided or Velcro, then glue or screw the assembly into your fuselage and voila ! Simple and efficient !
  • Sold in pairs (1 support at 90° and 1 support at 45° by default).